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Here is an amazing story of a very generous man, one should reflect on and learn from. Always ensure your actions are better than that of the other person. Don’t be the same, be better! Please remember to share!

Never in your life, loose sight, there may be a day you will also need help from the very person you did not help today despite you have the status, and you have the means, and the resources.

There is TOMORROW.

* My name is Tony Michael, I am a business owner, none of my staff knew me as an owner except the manager and secretary.  (I told them not to disclose my identity). *

* I usually don’t go to visit.*

* One day I visited the business and saw my ex-wife, who had thrown me out of our house.  I asked the manager and he told me she was on staff.  *

* I asked the manager to promote her to the rank of personnel officer, give her a car, a bungalow, a yard boy, security services and other perks.  An undeserved position.  However, he did as I instructed. *

* A month later, I went there as a job seeker.  As soon as she saw me with my RESUME, she categorically rejected me, threw my RESUME in my face, immediately scooped it up from the floor, tore it up and threw it in the trash.  After reminding me of my past, she informed me that I would never get a job or an opportunity in the company.  Plus, she swore on heaven and earth that it would NOT happen.  She boldly said that the only way I could get a job with the company was to pass over her corpse *.

* I came back the next day with another request and got down on my knees to beg her, but she refused and spat in the trash and said that If I happen to be the only bridge to cross to come to work she would rather opt for a boat and called the security guards to kick me out.  So I left.  *

* Monday, I went into the company under my real identity and entered her office with the Manager who introduced me to her, she quickly knelt down crying and begging me to forget “the insult of the bridge “.  She informed me that her whole family depended on her for survival.  If her job was terminated, she added, life would be absolutely horrible not only for her but also for her entire family.  She even promised to remarry me.  *

* We both remained motionless and speechless, which left the director puzzled.  *

* A lot of things started to spin in my head.  Should I call the police?  Should I remove her from her current position and from her former position?  Should I cancel the ineligible benefits granted to him?  Should I accept such a woman back in my life?  *

* I am still undecided at his desk.  *

* If you were in my shoes, what would you do?  *

* Remember, There is TOMORROW *

* Whenever you are dealing with people, you should always remember that there is tomorrow.  You may need help from people asking for your help today, so help as much as you can.  *

* Life is like a moving wheel, sometimes you are at the top and sometimes you are at the bottom.  Sometimes we destroy bridges that we might need to help us get through tomorrow, sometimes we act like we never need anyone’s help.  Remember there is tomorrow.  *

* Joseph helped the butler in prison and later the butler connected Joseph with Pharaoh.  Imagine what Portiphar’s wife felt when she learned that Joseph was now the governor of Egypt, after falsely accusing him.  The brother who sold Joseph ended up being fed by him.  Never think about going to extremes with your oppressors, they could be rescuers tomorrow.  Always remember that there is tomorrow and it will surely come.  *

* The little help you give people today will benefit you tomorrow.  *
* May God touch your heart to live your life knowing that there is tomorrow.  *

* In everything you do, always remember that there is tomorrow.  *

* Have a blessed time and Please share with others so they know THERE IS TOMORROW.



There is Tomorrow, from Tony Michael, Undisclosed source from Social Media WhatsApp. Copied and shared 06/13/2021.

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