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Life is always good when shared together, and sometimes we need others more than we could ever think.

No one can be self sufficient in everything.  We depend on one another one way or the other. Whatever you need or want to have, someone else has it and what someone else needs, or want, you have it. So, we need one another as a human to be able to obtain whatever is missing in our life.

You need to help others more and as often as possible. The more you help others by putting a smile on their faces, the more joyful and happier you become knowing you’ve made a good action. You should always strive to do good to others, treat others with respect as you wish to be treated. Always, ask others the following questions: What can I do for you? How may I help you?

Certainly, by willing to help others, and actually helping them, you will be helping yourself along the way.  For the sake of bettering yourself, you should not focus on the following question. What should I expect from others. When you help others selflessly, you will be rewarded abundantly.You will get back even more that what you have given. In other words, by helping other, you are only helping yourself.

There are many old sayings you must understand and live by: “What you give, is indeed what you will get back in return.” And “What you sow is what you will harvest.” “Our life tomorrow is the sum of all of our actions today.”

If you do good and act good, you will get good back in return. If you do ugly and bad to others, you will get it back in return as well. But no one wants to get ugly and bad back. So, help others as much as you can. Always strive to be a blessing to others. Try as much as possible to put a smile on somebody’s face even if it is a simple piece of advice that costs you nothing, but will benefit someone, do not hesitate to share it. Be positive about giving and helping. Always respond to an ugly action towards you, with a good one.Do not respond back with ugly.

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