Self Discovery: The Necessary Change

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Self-discovery is a process by which we gain a realistic concept of ourselves. It excludes overly optimistic ideas of ourselves, as well as the negative ones. For self-discovery, it is not necessary to isolate oneself from the world.

This process is based on analyzing our daily behavior and how we relate to others. Our external world reflects our inner world. We must integrate the information we receive from the outside world to better understand our inner world.

Self-discovery is the most powerful tool to achieve self-mastery. It helps us to know our mission in life, which will make us feel fulfilled as individuals. We have to discover what we love to do and leave behind the activities that are not coherent with our essence.

This transformation leads us to self-realization, so it is worthwhile to face it in any circumstance. This path takes us away from our usual environment, which is a necessary change to accept.

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