Motivation through Equal Connection

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Throughout history, each country experienced its share of hate, love, unity, and breakthrough. During turning events, each nation has a unique story to share, tell, and learn from to avoid the same fate of past predecessors. However, what is the real understanding of connection as a whole?

We are all connected in some way. No matter where you are, we share the same desire and goals to live in a happier community, growing profitable resources to eat, and live in peace with neighboring lands.

One distinctive way we are all connected is through shared experiences. Most of us have lost something valuable while gaining something new in the process. We link with each other through reassurance, positive thinking, and actions, and serving justice to those that cause harm.

Maintaining a sense of security and organization is another way of helping many accept that we are in this together. Millions of individuals feel lost and/or alone in their own worlds, whether at home or in their hometown. Developing a sense of security will encourage him/her to open up and experience new opportunities for a better tomorrow.

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