I’ve read this everywhere and heard it multiple times….”Make sure you have a goal otherwise you will just be working towards nothing.”

It’s way easier just to say that, isn’t it? And it’s not totally true.

I believe instead of looking at goals as just a one way road, beginning to end, we should look at it more like a spider web. Multiple connections. Multiple ways to get there. Some can be dead ends and stop, but some can also connect the entire web around the outside. Some create the base for the entire dream and idea. Have you every thought it that way?

Let’s step back for a second. Grab your Goal Sheet next to you and in the middle write the end goal. (Click the link to get it if you don’t already have it!) Where you see yourself as the most successful. Then draw lines branching out and write how you will get there. Maybe it’s blogging, or networking with other businesses or posting on social media. After you have made the branches, you can connect them all together. See how everything works with each other? It’s not just a one way street. It’s multiple spots and areas that connect and talk to each other throughout the whole process.

This might overwhelm some of you. I understand that 100%! An easy way to break it down would be to break down your day and week by each section. You’ll need the Mindset Timeline Sheet for this! On this daily and weekly sheet, you can break down each hour and each day you can devote to different parts of your overall goal. Personally, I work best in the morning through early afternoon. So, my goal time sheet is heavy in the morning with blogging, social media posting, and coachings. Then, the afternoon is more of a wind down time for the day. Whatever time works best for you, fill it out and either save it to your home screen, phone or print it! It’s nice to have a physical copy of it on your desk to see every day.

I also highly recommend having a dedicated and separate workplace for business and goals. This will make it easier for you to focus on what’s to be done each day and time! When you need breaks, you can leave this space for a walk, stretch or time away. This will keep you productive and separate work from fun. Especially if you have a home office!

All of these tips are just the beginning for you, Inspirator! I know great things are headed your way. Let’s start off creating goals together to make your business more productive each and every day.

To get the worksheets/workbooks click these links below!

Mindset Goal Sheet

Mindset Timeline Sheet