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Confidence: Where did you go?

Look a certain way. Be a certain size. Have a certain color of hair. Wear a certain type of clothes. Eat certain foods. The list goes on and on. It’s extremely hard living in an age where we are socially influenced to be a certain way and do certain things. Let’s break the mold and be happy just the way we are. How do we do that? Let’s take a cue from my current favorite confidence advocate, Ashley Graham. She’s the first “plus size” (why even is that a thing?!) model to cover many magazines and is a speaker...

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Goal Creation: Where to Start?

I’ve read this everywhere and heard it multiple times….”Make sure you have a goal otherwise you will just be working towards nothing.” It’s way easier just to say that, isn’t it? And it’s not totally true. I believe instead of looking at goals as just a one way road, beginning to end, we should look at it more like a spider web. Multiple connections. Multiple ways to get there. Some can be dead ends and stop, but some can also connect the entire web around the outside. Some create the base for the entire dream and idea. Have you...

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The Inspiration Corner: Who We Are

Hello Inspirators, Rachel here! Welcome. I am so excited to begin this incredible journey with you all. Let me start with a little introduction about myself and what The Inspiration Corner is. My name is Rachel Agurkis and I’m a 27 year old dreamer, photographer and adventure seeker who currently resides in Minnesota. Growing up I’ve always had a passion for helping other people. Whether we were friends or strangers, I enjoyed making others smile even in the smallest of ways. About a year and a half ago, I was taking a stroll and thought, “How can I give...

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