Personal Growth: Achieve The Impossible

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Personal growth is the ability of an individual to learn from himself in all aspects: thoughts, emotions, feelings, sensations, etc. Then that learning is applied to the challenges that life proposes to him. Each of us has an inner strength that allows us to move forward in any circumstance.

That strength is based on self-knowledge and the use of each of our virtues. Then we discover that the outside world may need our skills, which gives us great satisfaction.

Personal growth invites us to leave our comfort zone discovering that we can achieve goals that we did not even imagine before. The key is to work on ourselves to bring out our virtues. We must also avoid conformism, as we have infinite potential that we must take advantage of. Read more »


The Inspiration Corner

Here is an amazing story of a very generous man, one should reflect on and learn from. Always ensure your actions are better than that of the other person. Don’t be the same, be better! Please remember to share!

Never in your life, loose sight, there may be a day you will also need help from the very person you did not help today despite you have the status, and you have the means, and the resources.

There is TOMORROW.

* My name is Tony Michael, I am a business owner, none of my staff knew me as an owner except the manager and secretary.  (I told them not to disclose my identity). *

* I usually don’t go to visit.*

* One day I visited the business and saw my ex-wife, who had thrown me out of our house.  I asked the manager and he told me she was on staff.  *

* I asked the manager to promote her to the rank of personnel officer, give her a car, a bungalow, a yard boy, security services and other perks.  An undeserved position.  However, he did as I instructed. *

* A month later, I went there as a job seeker.  As soon as she saw me with my RESUME, she categorically rejected me, threw my RESUME in my face, immediately scooped it up from the floor, tore it up and threw it in the trash.  After reminding me of my past, she informed me that I would never get a job or an opportunity in the company.  Plus, she swore on heaven and earth that it would NOT happen.  She boldly said that the only way I could get a job with the company was to pass over her corpse *.

* I came back the next day with another request and got down on my knees to beg her, but she refused and spat in the trash and said that If I happen to be the only bridge to cross to come to work she would rather opt for a boat and called the security guards to kick me out.  So I left.  *

* Monday, I went into the company under my real identity and entered her office with the Manager who introduced me to her, she quickly knelt down crying and begging me to forget “the insult of the bridge “.  She informed me that her whole family depended on her for survival.  If her job was terminated, she added, life would be absolutely horrible not only for her but also for her entire family.  She even promised to remarry me.  *

* We both remained motionless and speechless, which left the director puzzled.  *

* A lot of things started to spin in my head.  Should I call the police?  Should I remove her from her current position and from her former position?  Should I cancel the ineligible benefits granted to him?  Should I accept such a woman back in my life?  *

* I am still undecided at his desk.  *

* If you were in my shoes, what would you do?  *

* Remember, There is TOMORROW *

* Whenever you are dealing with people, you should always remember that there is tomorrow.  You may need help from people asking for your help today, so help as much as you can.  *

* Life is like a moving wheel, sometimes you are at the top and sometimes you are at the bottom.  Sometimes we destroy bridges that we might need to help us get through tomorrow, sometimes we act like we never need anyone’s help.  Remember there is tomorrow.  *

* Joseph helped the butler in prison and later the butler connected Joseph with Pharaoh.  Imagine what Portiphar’s wife felt when she learned that Joseph was now the governor of Egypt, after falsely accusing him.  The brother who sold Joseph ended up being fed by him.  Never think about going to extremes with your oppressors, they could be rescuers tomorrow.  Always remember that there is tomorrow and it will surely come.  *

* The little help you give people today will benefit you tomorrow.  *
* May God touch your heart to live your life knowing that there is tomorrow.  *

* In everything you do, always remember that there is tomorrow.  *

* Have a blessed time and Please share with others so they know THERE IS TOMORROW.



There is Tomorrow, from Tony Michael, Undisclosed source from Social Media WhatsApp. Copied and shared 06/13/2021.

Call to Action Through Community Engagement

The Inspiration Corner

Community engagement is a beneficial tactic to engage some, most, or all of the community against a profitable cause and/or an arising awareness.

Usually, community engagements occur when there’s a need for a call-to-action or a special interest within the geographic area. For example, in the United States, the country came together to fight against segregation and discrimination during the 1950s and 1960s.

In today’s time, most communities are standing against police brutality and pushing towards equal rights for all, regardless of race, sex, creed, gender, religious background and/or practices, and social and economical backgrounds.

The ultimate way to focus on uniting a community is accepting the past for what it was and prompt the future to move forward from old mistakes. The biggest issue is police brutality linked to generations of racial hatred and slavery. Read more »

Motivation through Equal Connection

The Inspiration Corner

Throughout history, each country experienced its share of hate, love, unity, and breakthrough. During turning events, each nation has a unique story to share, tell, and learn from to avoid the same fate of past predecessors. However, what is the real understanding of connection as a whole?

We are all connected in some way. No matter where you are, we share the same desire and goals to live in a happier community, growing profitable resources to eat, and live in peace with neighboring lands.

One distinctive way we are all connected is through shared experiences. Most of us have lost something valuable while gaining something new in the process. We link with each other through reassurance, positive thinking, and actions, and serving justice to those that cause harm.

Maintaining a sense of security and organization is another way of helping many accept that we are in this together. Read more »

Power of Positivity

The Inspiration Corner

There are people who when they have something in their lives, choose to be negative about it so that they would not expect great results. When you are negative about something, even if you do not get it, it does not hurt much.

However, that actually has a loophole. When you want something, you have to be positive about it so that you do your best for it. Claim it. When you are positive about something, you are more inclined to do your best.

You will work harder because you are attracting what you want and you know that the way to get it is to be positive about it, hope for it, and work hard for it. That is the power of positivity. That is also how we attract things. Read more »


The Inspiration Corner

Life is always good when shared together, and sometimes we need others more than we could ever think.

No one can be self sufficient in everything.  We depend on one another one way or the other. Whatever you need or want to have, someone else has it and what someone else needs, or want, you have it. So, we need one another as a human to be able to obtain whatever is missing in our life.

You need to help others more and as often as possible. The more you help others by putting a smile on their faces, the more joyful and happier you become knowing you’ve made a good action. You should always strive to do good to others, treat others with respect as you wish to be treated. Always, ask others the following questions: What can I do for you? How may I help you?

Certainly, by willing to help others, and actually helping them, you will be helping yourself along the way.  For the sake of bettering yourself, you should not focus on the following question. What should I expect from others. When you help others selflessly, you will be rewarded abundantly.You will get back even more that what you have given. In other words, by helping other, you are only helping yourself.

There are many old sayings you must understand and live by: “What you give, is indeed what you will get back in return.” And “What you sow is what you will harvest.” “Our life tomorrow is the sum of all of our actions today.”

If you do good and act good, you will get good back in return. If you do ugly and bad to others, you will get it back in return as well. But no one wants to get ugly and bad back. So, help others as much as you can. Always strive to be a blessing to others. Try as much as possible to put a smile on somebody’s face even if it is a simple piece of advice that costs you nothing, but will benefit someone, do not hesitate to share it. Be positive about giving and helping. Always respond to an ugly action towards you, with a good one.Do not respond back with ugly.

Inspiring Others

The Inspiration Corner

A good leader is not just someone who creates accomplishments and leads others into achievement, but also inspires other people to become leaders as well. There are different kinds of leadership. There are ones that arise on authority, others that come from admiration, and others.

As a leader, you would want to inspire the people around you. Inspiring others is not simple. You have to motivate people around you to do their best in what you do. You will want to inspire them to lead. You will want to inspire them to work harder.

There are also days when it will be difficult because some people are demotivated and you will have to cheer them up. Read more »

Finding Motiviation in Everyday Life

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When we work, sometimes motivation comes naturally in which we immediately want to do the things that we want to do. We can be productive anytime and anywhere we want. That is actually nice.

However, there are also days when that is not the case. There are days when motivation is difficult to find. There are days when it does not come along that easy. Sometimes, you do not want to get up from bed and all you want to do is lie down and sleep.

There are days when you feel restless and unmotivated. To have motivation, you should take in your surroundings and be more grateful of everything that you have. Find motivation to do what you are doing by thinking of the possible benefits that you can get out of it. Read more »

Self Discovery: The Necessary Change

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Self-discovery is a process by which we gain a realistic concept of ourselves. It excludes overly optimistic ideas of ourselves, as well as the negative ones. For self-discovery, it is not necessary to isolate oneself from the world.

This process is based on analyzing our daily behavior and how we relate to others. Our external world reflects our inner world. We must integrate the information we receive from the outside world to better understand our inner world.

Self-discovery is the most powerful tool to achieve self-mastery. It helps us to know our mission in life, which will make us feel fulfilled as individuals. We have to discover what we love to do and leave behind the activities that are not coherent with our essence. Read more »

The Best Ways to Manifest What You Want

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Follow these steps if you want to manifest anything, something.

1.Get crystal clear on what you want. If you want a particular job, you must first determine what kind of job it is. Know what type of relationship you want if you want one. If you get the impression that you want this job but aren’t qualified for it, you’re not aligned with your goals. It would help if you presumptively believed you could get it.

2.If you’re stuck, figure out why you don’t think you’re good enough to earn whatever it is. Make a move. Do anything, something that will help you believe you can manifest whatever it is you want. If you don’t think you’re smart enough for a specific job, for example, tell yourself that you are capable of this position. Alternatively, enroll in a class or further your education to help you BELIEVE you are deserving.

3. If you’re not stuck on step 2, step 3 to imagine and feel as if you’ve already accomplished whatever goal you’ve set for yourself in step 1. Essentially, this is meditation. Sit quietly and imagine yourself achieving your goal. If you want it, this should not be difficult.

4. You will gain suggestions for actions to take due to your meditation, bringing you closer to your target. This is, in a nutshell, how the subconscious mind operates. This action will not be complicated, nor will it make complete sense to further the objective. Read more »

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